Making Homemade Stepping Stones

mosaic stepping stone

Making homemade stepping stones is a fun craft for kids and adults alike. It's a great way to use a little creativity to create something somewhat permanent and to add a splash of color to your garden landscape.

Since our website focuses on photograph gifts and crafts, I'll certainly explain how to create photo stepping stones. However, I really love creating mosaic stepping stones as well and they're a great way to personalize garden stepping stones.

How to Make Stepping Stones

A simple mosaic stepping stone kit might be the best approach to start with if you've never made homemade stepping stones before. Craft stores online and off offer stepping stone kits, with everything you need to create one stepping stone, or individual items to create your own custom designs.

After using the kit, you can buy more concrete and re-use the stepping stone mold over and over again.

You can also buy each of the supplies separately: You'll need a mold, concrete, stamps for lettering, and broken glass or marbles for making your own mosaic stepping stone patterns.

Making homemade stepping stones with a kit is really easy: You just mix the concrete with the amount of water they prescribe and pour it into the mold. Make sure to lay out your design on a piece of paper where you've traced the mold (if the kit doesn't provide one) and then, when the concrete starts to set, you can move each piece of your custom design from the paper onto the concrete. There's a little room for error as pieces can be moved a little from where they're originally laid. You'll have to work fairly quickly but I've had no troubles getting everything on in time, even with small children "helping" me.

Curing... Don't miss this important step!

The most important part is to make sure to keep the stepping stones craft wet during the curing process. I recommend placing an old washcloth or fabric on the design and spraying it with water several times per day. The cloth will keep the concrete more damp than just spraying directly onto the stone. Wait until it's fully cured before removing it from the mold.

Once you make stepping stones with a kit once or twice, you'll be able to make your own more personalized garden stepping stones by buying the supplies you need individually (saving a little money over the kits).

Personalized Stepping Stones with Photos

Stepping Stones Craft

For a photo stepping stone, you do everything the same as with a regular homemade stepping stone, except that you need to create photo beads before you start. There's no need to purchase a specific photo stepping stone kit for this, but feel free.

To make photo beads:

  • Buy some glass marbles at the craft store or online (I think I've even seen them at IKEA!). These are generally used for floral arrangements, and can vary from around 1/2 inch to larger than an inch.
  • Glue small photos to the back of each marble to show through the glass. Remember to put the glue on the picture side - not the back - of the photo. And make sure to use a good quality clear-drying glue.
  • Allow the photo beads (marbles) to dry thoroughly before using in your stepping stones, preferably overnight.
  • Then, you use the photo beads as you would other marbles, stones, or broken glass in your garden stepping stones.

Photo Magnets Example 6

Photo Magnets Example 7

Memorial Stepping Stones

I've just shown you how to make stepping stones and personalize with either mosaics or with your own photographs. This process makes a terrific memorial as well. At my kids' school, when a beloved teacher passed away, the kids (with teacher and parent help) made memorial stepping stones to honor the teacher. The school created a beautiful stepping stone walkway with them and they lasted for several years.

Outdoor stepping stones will eventually degrade from the elements (rain, sun,...) so remember that your beautiful homemade stepping stones may not last forever if you plan to use them outdoors.

Wedding Gifts Stepping Stones

Custom stepping stones make a terrific personalized wedding gift also! Add photos of the couple, their wedding date, and anything else unique to them. I guaranty you the bride and groom won't get two of these!!

Make Your Own Garden Path

Homemade stepping stones are a terrific way to enhance your garden landscape. A stepping stone walkway enhances any garden but adding mosaics (with stone, glass, or ceramics) and photos to the stones can turn a decorative garden into a magical place. Have fun with this craft project and please come back here and share photos of your finished stepping stones!

Have any questions about making homemade stepping stones?
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